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Looking for a sweet teen this summer? Paramount + offers the perfect cure in the new movie, Honor Society. Following the title of Honor (Angourie Rice, Mare in Easttown), she is a girl on a mission to approach the end of her fourth grade. She is eager to enroll at Harvard University, she believes she will be the first choice for Calvin’s (Christopher, she’s Mints, her place) recommendation, but she’s not. I will know soon. Ready to do whatever it takes to get the coveted reputation, Honor plans to beat the top three rivals of his students. The only problem? She is starting to fall into competition. Below, Matarazzo tells us.

Honor Society can be considered a teenage rom-com, but it’s a little different than its predecessor. Genre-wise, how do you think this film fell short?

Gaten Matarazzo: In a funny way, I think it’s honest about how teenagers think and interact with each other. . Of course, there are many unreasonable things. It’s a teen comedy, a teen rom-com. So it breaks the laws of sociophysics in some aspects. But most of the time it felt like I was playing with a real person. This is really fun.

What surprises fans most about your character, Michael?

They are usually portrayed as willing to do whatever it takes to be with the girl they are talking to. Drop them and everything around them. The interesting thing about Michael is that he doesn’t like her either. That the moment they are allowed to be in these groups, or in these pockets or crowds, they are kind to them and suddenly spread their arms and are excited to be around these people. I have an idea.

Why do they like you when you have treated them like crap for a long time?

And I think it’s real and honest. I’ve always hated movies where these silent characters suddenly switched sides. And it was really fun to play a character who spoke directly and openly about what he didn’t like either.

Given the romantic comedy theme of the movie, is this a genre you want to explore more, or is there another genre on the actor’s wishlist?
I don’t really care about genres. If you like the character and you like the script, take it. I would like to expand the genre. I would like to play a new character. I like challenges I like things that are different. So what happens next will hopefully be very different from Michael and Dustin.
In this movie, you have the opportunity to test your musical skills. You can play the piano, but was it a script? I don’t play. It was scripted from the beginning. Singing and playing the piano. I’ve always thought of myself as a singer. But playing the piano isn’t something…it’s something I’ve tried five times and never worked. So I know chord progressions. I know the scale You can read sheet music in 10 minutes per note. And that’s almost it. So I spent hours on this little piece of Alicia Keys. I wouldn’t know. I really thought I could play the piano. I got there and couldn’t even play, so I imitated all the time. But it worked.

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