Despite timeless allegations about her humble honesty, Spanish prosecutors are pushing charges against Shakira, alleging she was unfaithful about her taxes. After Shakira refused to settle a lawsuit alleging that she had evaded €14.5 million (approximately US$14.8 million in US dollars). Shakira went to court, where prosecutors are seeking a sentence of eight years and two years. months in prison. A fine of €24 million, according to the Associated Press. An official indictment lists her six charges against the Grammy Award winner.

Shakira was first charged in 2018, but the artist decided to withdraw the judicial transaction only this week. previously she claimed innocence in the testimony of an appeal dismissed in June 2019.

Artist PR company Llorente y Cuenca brought the case to court because Shakira considered “a complete infringement of her rights” and “trusted her innocence and herself. “We have decided to bring it in. In the hands of the law.” “The singer is completely convinced of her innocence and will not accept any comparison,” the statement continued.
A spokesperson for Shakira in London said the singer “has always cooperated and complied with the law by demonstrating impeccable conduct as an individual and as a taxpayer,” the Associated Press reported.

Her PR team in Spain said it had repaid the amount owed to the country’s tax authorities upon her notification. She also deposited an additional €3 million in interest. El Pais reports that these payments could be viewed by prosecutors as a mitigating factor when considering the length of possible prison sentences.

Tax evasion allegations depend on where Shakira lived from 2012 to 2014. She claims her tax residence was in the Bahamas until she moved to Barcelona in 2015 with her partner, FC her Barcelona footballer Gerard Pique. The couple, who have two children, announced last month that they were ending their 11-year relationship, but according to Spanish investigators Shakira has spent more than 200 days in the country each of those three years. It is said that The Spanish government has said that anyone who stays in the country for more than her 184 days will be considered a tax resident.

First published by Elpais in 2020, these findings were based on a reconstruction of Shakira’s schedule, including public sightings by fans and photographers.
Prosecutors also allege that Shakira bought a property in Barcelona in 2012 that became the family home she later shared with Piqué, Reuters reported.

He was one of the celebrities whose name appeared in two major leaks of financial documents, the Pandora Papers of 2015. Her research has linked her to offshore companies located in her tax havens such as the British Virgin Islands and Malta. The Grammy Award-winning actress, best known for hits like Hips Don’t Lie and Her Waka Waka, has denied her wrongdoing on several occasions, including her testimony in court in 2019.

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